By definition, a lighthouse is a tower, building, or other type of structure designed to emit light and is used as an aid to navigation for maritime pilots at sea or on inland waterways. Today, as the lights themselves became automated, many of them have a new role as holiday rentals.

The type of accommodation on offer varies, but in Croatia, most of them provide modest accommodation, from self- catering to bed and breakfast and everything in between according to your deal with the keeper. He will probably be more than willing to take you with him when fishing and you can arrange that he or his wife prepare you daily a fresh fish meal.

When choosing the right lighthouse for you, please have in mind that this type of Robinson's vacation can be a real challenge to ones not used to Spartan accommodation. When making a booking, a warning "please be sure to bring all the things you need with yourself!" means just that - on some remote lighthouses it can be really difficult to get the even most basic things such as food, toiletries or first aid kit. 

If you have small kids, two things will probably be of the most importance: accessibility of the lighthouse and kids friendly beach. If, after a flight, you have to take a long drive with ferry and then again, jump into a speed boat with the keeper to get to the lighthouse, think again - this might be the wrong choice for family with small kids. Maybe this doesn't sound so bad when making a booking from the cozy sofa in your living room, but try this adventure under the blinding, hot Mediterranean sun in August and you would probably wish that you have stayed home!

Other thing, as much important as the first, is a beach, where your kids need to have the easy access into the sea - Croatian side of the Adriatic boasts with crystal clear sea, but the beaches are in most cases rocky. This is not the problem for the adults, but you don't want to spend you day putting and getting out your kids from the sea and keeping them from hurting themselves! There are few lighthouses with pebble beach nearby or concrete access to sea which is also suitable for kids and elderly persons.

Some of the lighthouses are in exposed coastal spots with wrap-around views of sea nand sky, some are on distant, tiny islands, unsuitable for children, some are more comfortable and in vicinity of main tourist spots, but all of them provide the best room view you'll ever get!