If  renting a complete villa is out of your budget you can do the next best thing- renting a luxury apartment in a villa. If you don't mind a company of other guests on a property you can enjoy in all aspects of luxury living for a much lower price! We can offe ryou a wide range of suitable apartments for rent - from stunning luxury suites with pool, sea view and a daily selection of home-made specialities to modest, Spartan lighthouse accomodation offering spectacular sea views.

When choosing a holiday apartment be sure to choose the one that will meet your needs, specially if your kids are coming with you. In this case, maybe the view you'll get is not so important - better to choose ground floor apartments to avoid stairs and, plus, your kids will have easy access to the garden.

Also, it is wise to check with us does the apartment you choose has the possibility of breakfast, half or full board or, at least, food & beverages provisioning. In case that you decided for more remote spot (specially the lighthouses) the grocery shops are miles away so you have to plan your meals in advance and take with you all neccessary items -sometimes the weather conditions when being in
the lighthouse apartment will not allow you to step on the coast for days!

For all additional questions about each apartment from our offer please don't hesitate to enquire!